Around the Corner, located in EaDo, is a beautifully restored 1903 bungalow concept. When we found her, she was alone, withdrawn, a little worse for wear. Her allure, shining just beneath the dusty surface, called to us. Tender loving care, with a focus on keeping her original features, restored her luster. She now boasts a cozy interior and ample outdoor space bordered by graffiti murals and a spectacular view of the Houston skyline. Like any great lady, she's multi-faceted. Classic and bright, by day she's coffee and pastries - a pick me up amidst the din of downtown. Sultry and chic, by night, she’s a cocktail lounge, wine bar and relaxed dinner spot. Her outdoor patio is perfect for long afternoons of lounging or TVs for game watching.


Our Offerings

We are a small business with a mission to support other talented Houston entrepreneurs. We proudly serve Amaya Roasting Company coffee alongside scrumptious pastries from Weights + Measures Bake Shop and other local bakeries. Our kitchen offers a weekend brunch, steak and burger nights as well as our standing house menu which offers a small selection of pizzas and snacks.